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Required Experience

Please read the information below to help you adequately prepare for UTS.

For a sports event of this nature; real mountain running experience and your ability is more relevant than previous race results. Therefore, UTS does not screen or examine each individual registration. The responsibility on each entry belongs to the participant.

We advise any aspiring UTS entrant to have completed training, or races, that meet the specific distance criteria indicated below as a minimum.

We strongly recommend runners considering entering UTS 100M to have a valid UTMB Index in the 100K category or above, and runners considering entering UTS 100K to have a valid UTMB Index in the 50K category or above. Click below for information about the UTMB Index.

Successful completion of an on-route recce and training runs in Snowdonia will offer ideal, course-specific experience. This will also allow you to judge your fitness and pace in comparison to the fastest / slowest runner split time charts found on each of the separate race distance webpages.

You are expected to arrive at the start line well-trained, both physically and mentally, and confident in your ability to safely complete the route within the time limit. Our cut-offs are strictly adhered to for the safety of our participants. Failure to start the race well-prepared significantly increases your chance of not finishing, as well as potentially calling into action our Mountain Safety Team. UTS 100M and UTS 100K in particular are not competitions for Ultra-Trail® novices. These distances and elevations cannot be underestimated.