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Required Experience

Please read through this page to help you adequately prepare for UTS.

For an event of this nature, real mountain running experience and ability is more relevant than race results. Therefore, UTS is not a vetted-entry event, however we strongly advise any aspiring entrant has completed training or races that meet the specifics indicated below as a minimum.

We strongly recommend runners considering entering UTS 100M have a valid UTMB Index in the 100K category or above, and runners considering entering UTS 100K have a valid UTMB Index in the 50K category or above.

Successful completion of an on-route recce will offer ideal, course-specific training experience, whilst also allowing you to judge your fitness and pace in comparison to the fastest/slowest runner split time charts found under 'Race Info'.

It is expected that you arrive on the start line well trained, both physically and mentally, and confident in your ability to safely complete the race within the time limit. Failure to start the race well prepared significantly increases your chance of DNF, as well as posing an increased risk to the Event Safety Team. UTS 100M & 100K in particular are NOT an event for Ultra-Trail® novices, nor are they events you can 'just wing it' at!...

If you have any queries with regards to your readiness to take on UTS, please email the Race Director prior to entering: