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Mandatory Kit

Snowdonia National Park is a stunning location for trail-running. However, the weather in upland areas and mountain peaks can change within hours. Even in the month of May the region can experience significant fluctuations of both hot and cold temperatures with heavy rain, hail and even snow forecast!

This creates challenging, and potentially dangerous, conditions if you are not fully prepared. The weather can change without warning. If you are involved in an incident, suffer an injury, or need to remain on the mountain for several hours, your clothing and equipment must allow you to remain safe until further assistance arrives.

It is essential you carry the mandatory kit required for your competition at all times. Your clothing and equipment must be suitable for all types of conditions and for the duration of your race (i.e. up to two nights outdoors on the mountains for the UTS 100M). We recommend you test using your kit in different weather conditions before arriving at the event to ensure it is suitable for you.

Your mandatory kit (including the hot or cold weather kit if required) will be checked before you are issued with your race bib. If you do not have an item of mandatory kit, you will not receive your race bib.

Your mandatory kit must be with you during the whole race — from start to finish — even if you do not use it. Failure to produce an item of mandatory kit when requested by an event official will result in a penalty or disqualification, including on the start line. For the full list of penalties refer to the Event Rules.

Hot weather and cold weather kits

The hot weather and cold weather kits are an essential part of your preparation for Ultra-Trail Snowdonia. These additional clothing and equipment items may be required to be carried and used by you during your competition. These items should be brought with you when you travel to the event. Do not leave them at home.

Depending on the forecast weather conditions, Ultra-Trail Snowdonia may instruct participants to carry these kit items during the whole race as extra mandatory items.

A decision will be made approximately 24 hours before the start of each competition announcing if there is a requirement for participants to carry the hot weather kit or the cold weather kit. This decision will be made by the Event Director and communicated to participants. The decision will be reiterated at Registration during the mandatory kit check. If you do not have an item of hot weather kit or cold weather kit once the decision has been made, you will not receive your race bib. The same event rules apply as the mandatory kit.

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