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Become a volunteer at UTS

Become a Volunteer

We're looking for volunteers to join the UTS Event Team and play a crucial role in delivering this amazing event! Read on to find out how to get involved.

Why volunteer with us?

Volunteering with the Event Team is the perfect way to support the event and help our runners who travel from around the world to take on UTS.

Volunteering also gives a unique insight into the organisation and logistics of an international event of this scale and see first-hand what the runners experience. Who knows, it may inspire you to join the start line the following year!

Whether you can join us for one day, two days, all three days or more, your contribution will be appreciated! You can indicate your availability and see what roles we have available within the application form.

You'll be grouped with other people keen to provide an incredible experience for our runners. At every edition of UTS, we see lasting friendships forged between volunteers. Rest assured: you’ll meet your own tribe here!

Are you keen? If so, check out the fantastic opportunities we have available below and get signed up today! You'll need to create an account on our volunteer portal (Qoezion). Once you've created your account - you can apply to join the Event Team!


We’re looking for over 200 volunteers who are keen to provide a memorable experience to our runners. Our volunteers travel from across the UK and overseas, and are passionate about working with other people.

We have a variety of roles available. To give you a flavour, here are a few of the tasks we need your help with during the event:

  • Welcoming runners to the venue and getting them registered and ready to start.

  • Managing Aid Stations on the courses, serving food, drink and encouragement.

  • Congratulating runners at the finish line, presenting medals and giving high-fives!

  • Managing and distributing runner bags post-race.

  • Greeting and directing spectators and answering any queries.

  • Branding the venue to ensure it looks perfect before the race starts.

  • Marshalling car parks and crossing points, and motivating participants as they pass.

  • Driving our event vehicles, including returning 'DNF' runners back to the finish.

  • Marking the course and helping 'sweep' the trails afterwards.

  • Administering first aid and basic medical assistance to runners in need.

Benefits and Support

Benefits and Support

As a volunteer at UTS you will receive the following benefits and support:

  • Guaranteed entry to a future event organised by UTMB UK, such as UTS (providing you fulfil any race entry criteria, such as having a valid UTMB Index for the chosen race).

  • Event Credits* to be used as payment towards your guaranteed entry or any future event organised by UTMB UK.

  • Limited edition Event Team clothing item (TBC), yours to keep!

  • Meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner) and hot drinks during your volunteer shift(s).

  • Accommodation (bunkhouse or campervan/camping space) is available to those who notify us within their application.

  • For those who volunteer for 24 hours of shifts (i.e. 3 days) or more, reimbursement of travel expenses** up to £100.

  • Opportunity to meet other diverse and amazing volunteers and enjoy the incredible feel-good factor from helping our runners meet their extraordinary!

  • An awesome weekend in the beautiful scenery of Snowdonia National Park, as part of the team delivering the UK’s only UTMB World Series Event!

*Event Credits are awarded at a rate of £10 per hour of volunteering. E.g. completing three 8-hour shifts during the event will earn you £240 in Event Credits. Event Credits expire and are no longer valid after 24 months. Event Credits are non-transferable.

**Personal mileage and pre-agreed public transport only. Reimbursed post-event on completion of an expense form. Excludes taxis and private hire.

Frequently asked questions


I enjoyed the experience. Great to be part of a fantastic team that put on an amazing event.


Transport Team

I enjoyed working with a team of like minded, crazy individuals and meeting some amazing new friends, as well as helping each runner on their journey and seeing their smiles!


Aid Station Team

Very well organised! Team leaders were approachable and available. Great sense of being part of the event. Felt appreciated by both the Management Team and runners.


Aid Station Team

The atmosphere and team are second to none.


Aid Station Team

Oh yes, loved it!! The whole thing, despite being rushed off our feet. Meeting all the runners at the Aid Station is fabulous. Giving encouragement when needed and also giving hugs for the teary. Knowing I’m helping them get round is awesome.


Aid Station Team

[I enjoyed] working with other like-minded people who work as a team to get the job done. The atmosphere of the event and helping the runners on their journeys. Everyone was so nice!


Aid Station Team

The participants really appreciated our support and it was pretty special to be a part of the event given how much it meant to so many of the runners. It was good to meet the other people at the Aid Station as well, an interesting bunch of like minded folk.


Aid Station Team

I loved helping people and every volunteer I met was fantastic!


Aid Station Team

I’ve always been interested in this race and wanted to see it first hand. I’ll definitely be back and will probably run in it next year.


Registration Team

I love running and I want others - whatever their ability - to feel cared for and secure as they move through the race. I also loved meeting the team and sharing it too.


Aid Station Team

[We wanted] to give our young people a taste of one of the best and highest profile races this country has to offer!


Youth Group Leader

Great feeling of achievement, the teamwork and the vibe!


Aid Station Team

[Enjoyed the] people, atmosphere, supporting the runners throughout and seeing them finish their races, learning about what's 'behind the scenes' - all of it!


I enjoyed being part of a positive and proactive team and being able to work on an event I've done in the past in order to help others to complete their race.


Aid Station Team

[I enjoyed] meeting people, the team, total break from the 9-5, the race and it’s toughness, family feel!


Aid Station Team

[I enjoyed] being part of the team. Meeting the other volunteers and runners. Getting the chance to help runners. The buzz and the excitement!


Registration Team

The Transport Team were amazing - all mucking in when it was obvious that things were not going to plan elsewhere. Being able to support the runners in any way possible and their obvious gratitude for that help and support.


Transport Team